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Abby Dental | Amalgam Free Composite Fillings

Amalgam Free Composite Fillings

We strive for the best quality care for our patients so we use amalgam free composite fillings in our practice. Mercury fillings allow decay to occur between the filling and the tooth itself. Most materials used in amalgam fillings are made up of Tin, Silver, Mercury, and Nickel. Since amalgam is a metal, it expands and contracts when it comes in to contact with hot and cold temperatures which can eventually cause microleakage. Microleakage occurs over time when the silver filling pulls away from the tooth structure leaving a space that bacteria can get under and cause decay. If untreated, it may lead to a root canal.

There are at least 116 physical symptoms that have been related to mercury exposure. These fall into many different categories such as psychological disturbances, oral cavity disorders, gastrointestinal effects, and systemic effects. Systemic manifestations are observed under cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, immunological, endocrine, and musculoskeletal categories. Our office offers composite restorations to remove the metal fillings and replace them with safe materials.

The team at Abby Dental believes your oral health affects your overall health and prevention is the key. Why expose children to mercury fillings when they can have composite fillings and learn proper dental care from day one? Dentistry is about working together for a healthier and better quality lifestyle!