Baby’s First Teeth & Introducing Oral Hygiene in Vernon

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Baby’s First Teeth & Introducing Oral Hygiene in Vernon

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Baby’s First Teeth & Introducing Oral Hygiene in Vernon

At 10 months old, Hadley Bevans pictured above, has a lot to smile about. Proudly displaying her first three teeth and enjoying a sippy cup of water, she is one of Dr. Bevans’ pride and joy.  Together with Dr. Broaderip and the holistic team at Abby Dental Care in Vernon, everyone enjoys it when the youngest members of the family become clients themselves. The Canadian Dental Association recommends seeing babies within 6 months of their first teeth erupting or by one year old to ensure that everything is developing correctly. Abby Dental is a family focused practice in downtown Vernon that is ideal for every member of your crew.

Bottle Routine

Decay has a better chance of setting in if your baby’s bottle, sippy cup or bedtime feeding routine consists of juice or milk. The fructose or fruit sugar in juice and the lactose within dairy can wreak havoc on your child’s precious teeth. If you are going to put them down with any sort of beverage, water is highly recommended. Even though baby teeth are essentially “temporary” they will be in your child’s mouth for 6 to 12 year on average and decay will need to be addressed and removed. Save your baby from future cavities and dental fillings or oral surgery by establishing positive oral hygiene habits with your youngsters now.

Setting a Positive and Fun Example 

Simply inviting your toddler to join you when you brush your own teeth will do wonders for their mimicking and imitating skills. Use a soft bristled baby sized tooth brush to gently massage their gums and let them chew away; supervised of course. You can use a clean cloth carefully wrapped around your finger to help remove plaque from their gum line. There are numerous tasty natural toothpastes that you can use for the first two years in order to prevent fluoride consumption (since little ones don’t correctly spit in the beginning).

Abby Dental is a Positive Atmosphere

We encourage you to bring your kids to your own dentist appointments. This enables them to see that taking care of their teeth is a lifetime commitment. There is always something new to discover and learn about at each visit. It is essential to practice proper oral hygiene with your child’s baby teeth to provide a healthy atmosphere for their jaw bones, teeth roots and future adult teeth to thrive. Untreated decay can severely impact your child’s health and well-being. Cavities are considered to be the number one preventable childhood disease. Dr. Broaderip and Dr. Bevans and the entire team at Abby Dental in Vernon’s Fruit Union Plaza are experienced working with kids and making the dentist fun. If your child is apprehensive or shy that is completely fine. We encourage Mom and Dad to be present at all times and offer some sweet prizes!

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