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Family Friendly Dentistry & Pediatrics At Vernon’s Abby Dental

The Abby Dental Team wants your child to love visiting the dentist! We take special care with our youngest clients to turn their appointments into a fun, educational and exciting trip out of the house. The future oral health and habits of your child are often determined by their earliest dental experiences, which is why…

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Missing Adult Teeth Are More Common Than You Think!

If you have had dental X-Rays and discovered that you or your child are missing a permanent, adult tooth (or multiple), you are not alone. Abby Dental in Vernon has seen many cases of Hypodontia. This condition is often inherited with genetic factors involved; although, it can randomly occur. It does not take absent third…

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Vernon Dentist Discusses Dental Implants Benefits

Fixing missing or damaged teeth has significantly improved over the past few decades. Dental implants have revolutionized the dental industry in order to ensure the longevity of our smiles. Abby Dental in Vernon can help fix your smile with this superior solution. There are excellent options to consider, whether you require a single dental implant, an […]

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Root Canal Therapy Is Nothing To Fear

Leave it to Hollywood and hearing scary stories about root canal therapy to leave you feeling less than optimistic about your upcoming root canal. Abby Dental in Vernon wants to put your mind at ease. Root canals can happen to the best of us. Sometimes, a cavity goes deeper than initially thought. Bacteria from an…

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Avoiding Decalcification With Braces

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene is vital for everyone. However, those who wear braces need to be especially careful. Stepping up your brushing and flossing is essential, since there are all of those extra places around your brackets for plaque to hide and bacteria to build up. Abby Dental in Vernon reminds clients that decalcification or […]

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Invisalign Gives Vernon Dental Clients More Reasons to Smile

Realizing the straight, healthy smile of your dreams may be easier than you have imagined. Abby Dental in Vernon is proud to offer Invisalign clear aligners to qualifying clients. If traditional braces with their metal brackets are making you cringe, Invisalign may be another option. Clear and practically invisible, a set of clear trays are […]

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Meet the Team: Loris

Originally from Medicine Hat, Loris moved to the Okanagan to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest. At the office, Loris is ensuring that the dentist has everything necessary at the right time to perform any treatment perfectly. As part of our Dental Assistant team, she takes part in the everyday delivery of excellent service…