Our dentists have a true passion for orthodontics. We have extensive training and experience with conventional braces both for youth and adults, and are also trained in alternative treatment methods such as Invisalign. By simply changing the position of your teeth we can create the healthy and beautiful smile that you have always wanted!


Straighten or realign your pearly whites with the help of an expert team by your side! We take a holistic approach to braces, accounting for each step of the process.


The clear alternative to braces, Invisalign will get your teeth straightened without ever applying metal to get it done!

Looking for a dentist in Vernon? We love t make you smile.


Oral Health

Avoiding Decalcification With Braces

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene is vital for everyone. However, those who wear braces need to be especially careful. Stepping up your brushing and flossing is essential, since there are all of those extra places around your brackets for plaque to hide and bacteria to build up. Abby Dental in Vernon reminds clients that decalcification or…

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