Our Hygienists

Our Dental Hygienists, Shannon and Laurie, are bright personalities and have been extensively trained in advanced periodontal treatments to look after your oral health by cleaning your teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases such as decay, gingivitis, or oral cancer, and provide other preventive dental care. Shannon and Laurie will inform and educate our patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health. Our girls are continually updating their knowledge with study clubs and continuing education courses to provide you with the best treatment possible. They can provide dental anesthetic for your Oral Hygiene Recare appointments to numb those sensitive areas too! Our Hygiene team is more than happy to discuss and explain all treatment options available to you. With their gentle touch and warm smiles, our Hygienists strive to provide a pleasant, comfortable experience from start to finish.

Vernon Dentist - Dental Hygienist | Shannon
Vernon Dentist - Dental Hygienist | Laurie