Vernon Dentist: Sugary Teacher Treats and How to Cope

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Vernon Dentist: Sugary Teacher Treats and How to Cope

Oral Health

Vernon Dentist: Sugary Teacher Treats and How to Cope

Rewarding kids with sugar seems commonplace in many of our local Okanagan schools and child care programs. It can be frustrating to pick your child up on a Friday afternoon and see their entire class walking around with giant suckers dangling from their mouths. Class celebrations for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter (not to mention every child’s birthday!) have become inundated with a sugary cupcakes and cookies galore. If you are a bit peeved that your kids’ consuming sugar without your permission on a regular basis, you are not alone. As Vernon’s #1 holistic dentist, Abby Dental Care is ready to help you surmount some of the Sugar Mountains you may have to climb at your school.

Besides the Obvious Dental Reasons…

Daily sugar consumption is a negative health pattern to get into. Training our children from daycare or Preschool onwards to expect an artificially flavoured “treat” for completing tasks expected of them is unhealthy on many levels. Continuously offering gummies or Jolly Ranchers can create an onslaught of sugar bugs and an acidic overload for their teeth. Brushing and flossing during the early years requires some adult supervision and participation in order to ensure a clean, healthy smile. Rewarding kids with sugar is a big mistake as these empty calories prove to be more detrimental than good. Unnecessary blood sugar spikes can leave some kids not feeling their best and other kids battling sensitivities to the artificial colouring and chemical preservatives.

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Communication is Key

Inspire your kids to let you know when they received some sugar laden delicacy from their teacher or anyone other than you. Explain to them the dangers of consuming too much sugar by educating them on the effects it has on their overall health. Have a discussion with your child’s teacher and let them know that you would prefer some non-sugary treats including: pencils, stamps, stickers, bouncy balls or something creative instead. If you wish everyone would quit giving your child sugar, you are in good company.

Check the calendar with your family and find out when you’re scheduled to meet up with our friendly and professional team at Abby Dental Care in Vernon. Not everyone metabolizes sugar the same way and it is completely acceptable if you wish your child to avoid excess exposure when you are the one who has to suffer with the aftermath. Dr. Broaderip and Dr. Bevans and the rest of the caring team look forward to seeing you soon!

Keep Your Dental Appointments Up To Date

Abby Dental enjoys seeing our clients on a regular basis to be proactive in their oral health. Catching any tenderness, sensitivity, or cavity concerns in their infancy can lead to faster treatment and quicker healing. Minimize your time in the chair by staying on top of your oral health.

Set A Great Example…Hygienically and Otherwise

Make sure your kids witness the importance of excellent oral care by setting a great example yourself. Family flossing time is an easy way to ensure everyone’s oral health care needs are taken care of in helpful and united environment. Brush, floss and swish each morning alongside your kids and after supper to set a healthy example. Young children require help when it comes to proper brushing and flossing techniques. Utilize some high-quality mouth rinse to finish up your oral health routine and leave your mouth feeling fresh and fantastic!

If a class party or holiday celebration is in your future, make sure you practice what you preach! Homemade bookmarks, salt dough pendants, beaded bracelets and even painted rock pets provide fun, inexpensive and sugar-free treats! Starting the trend in your classroom or school may inspire other teachers and parents to do the same. Your kids have a lifetime of sugar exposure and consumption ahead of them. Educating them now on how to properly brush, floss and swish will establish positive oral hygiene habits for life.

We’re excited to hear about your favourite sugar-free rewards at your next dental appointment!