Vernon Dentist: Instilling Fun Flossing Habits in Your Kids

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Vernon Dentist: Instilling Fun Flossing Habits in Your Kids

Oral Health

Vernon Dentist: Instilling Fun Flossing Habits in Your Kids

Three-year-old Maverick pictured is Dr. Bevans’ sweet son. He loves to use his flossing sticks while exclaiming “Got to get the sugar bugs out!” and takes pride handing out floss packages to other kids when he visits the clinic. If every child enjoyed flossing their teeth as much as he does, many dentist practices would not be nearly as busy! Maverick may have an exceptional dentist as his Dad in Vernon; however, anyone can help their kids enhance their flossing routine. Positive oral hygiene habits are formed early so it is vital to set a good example.

Is Your Child Missing 1/3 of Their Teeth Cleaning?

Don’t be deceived; while the spaces between our teeth seem minute, the fact is they account for 1/3 of your tooth surface! If you are relying on brushing alone or haven’t found time to introduce dental floss to your kids, Abby Dental reminds you there is no time like the present! Being proactive in your oral health will directly impact those smaller family members who are watching your every move. We do preventative maintenance on our homes and vehicles yet many of us are not making it to our regular dental check-ups. The proper flossing technique is essential to master for the future of your smile.

Making Flossing Fun

Some families use a reward system for flossing. Perhaps the fun agenda after mealtime is postponed until brushing and flossing is complete. Maybe siblings keep track with a sticker chart. Perhaps you can set a timer or use flossing sticks during commercial breaks on TV. The possibilities are endless. The point is to make it work for you and your routine. If fitting flossing in before bed becomes stressful or trying to cram it into bath time, perhaps a different time of day is something to consider. If you become frustrated or try to help your child and they end up with bleeding gums, you may accidentally make the habit uninviting. Flossing can be fun and informative. There are tons of great children’s books that you can discover together. Show your children pictures of what sugar bugs look like and the consequences of not taking care of their teeth. This is always an enlightening and often surprising conversation!

Vernon Dentists Keep Dental Visits Exciting!

The friendly team at Abby Dental in Vernon want to instill a lifetime of positive dentistry in your family. We understand that visiting the dentist is not on the top of everyone’s list. However, maintaining your regular dental check-ups and being proactive in your family’s oral hygiene can potentially save you tons of pain, time and money in the future. Our family friendly clinic is continually growing and thriving. We look forward to having you join our extended family. A calm, supportive and informative atmosphere is what we strive to attain with each client, regardless of their age.

Book your dentist appointment today and let’s see how that flossing is going!